3. Spiritual Effects of the Zodiacal Constellations. - Part 3

These lessons are not sold. The Rosicrucian Teaching is free, but the expenses incidental to their production and website distribution are met by free-will offerings from students "as the heart dictates and the means permit. Please visit and save this web page as it has important information you can use for the Junior Astrology Course. The Senior Course is devoted to the esoteric phases of spiritual astrology, particularly in connection with one's spiritual development.

The Senior Extension Course devotes its first 10 lessons to an in-depth reading of the horoscope, at the same time correlating astrological data with Rosicrucian Philosophy. The last three lessons are devoted to the progression of the horoscope, directions, and transits. Textbooks used in all three courses are "The Message of the Stars" An esoteric exposition of Natal and Medical Astrology explaining the arts of reading and progressing the Horoscope and diagnosing diseases and "Simplified Scientific Astrology" Complete textbook on the art of erecting horoscopes, with dictionary of astrological terms.

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These textbooks, and all of Max Heindel's books, are available in one e-book, which may be downloaded here or here or here Simplified Scientific Astrology not yet available in. Senior Astrology Course 12 lessons The Senior Course is devoted to the esoteric phases of spiritual astrology, particularly in connection with one's spiritual development. She also teaches at The International Academy of Astrology.

Maurice White. Maurice currently serves as the president of The Organization of Professional Astrology OPA offering pioneering programs for astrologers. He directs a professional diploma program with students from across the world. Demetra George. Demetra George M. Classics is a pioneering mythic-archetypal astrologer, who studies and translates Greek astrological texts, as well as the transmission of classical doctrines into the Arabic and Medieval worlds.

Recipient of the Regulus Award, her work provides the keys to understanding all forms of traditional astrology. Rebecca Gordon. As a regular guest on the Dr. Oz show, she speaks on the intersection of astrology and health. With the same interdisciplinary approach, Rebecca has brought astrology to companies from Vayner Media to Adobe with a focus on better understanding one another, team building and business through astrology. She launched a year round curriculum in that is always evolving and is training astrologers across the globe today. Website: mypathastrology. Kitty Hatcher.

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She has been a professional astrologer for over forty years and is known internationally as a teacher, lecturer, and consultant. Kitty has appeared on radio and television and has written columns for magazines, newspapers and Internet publications. She has a unique way of combining astrology with psychology, motivation, common sense and global trends.

Kitty may be reached at kittyhatcher comcast. Madalyn Hillis-Dineen.

Madalyn Hillis-Dineen has taught, lectured and practiced Uranian or Symmetrical Astrology techniques for over 35 years. Website: capecodastrologer. Suzy Holbrook. Suzy serves as a bridge between pediatric medicine and astrology, incorporating ancient wisdom and modern science to help patients explore effective treatment options in a holistic, client-centered manner. She has studied autism extensively and will present her findings on the archetypical expressions inherent in the condition. Website: suzyholbrook. Baris Ilhan.

Baris Ilhan, C. Teaches, writes, lectures regularly.


A researcher on Ottoman and Islamic astrology. Jacqueline Janes. Additionally, Jacqueline loves sharing her knowledge and experience with new and advanced astrologers through lectures and workshops. Lynn Koiner. The www. Since , she has been an instructor for the Department of Professional Training for the International Academy of Astrology, Medical Astrology Curriculum, with graduates receiving equivalency towards course requirements at Kepler College.

Ramya Krishnamurthy. Ramya Krishnamurthy is a practitioner of both Western and Indian Vedic astrology. She hails from a family of traditional Indian Vaidhyas Ayurveda practitioners and astrologers. She combines findings from both Western and Indian astrology to offer a complete perspective. She has been active in national conferences as a volunteer and speaker. Rachel Lang. Rachel Lang is a professional astrologer who works with individuals and businesses. She began studying more than 20 years ago and started consulting in She enjoys sharing her spiritual and astrological knowledge and regularly offers presentations, classes, and workshops.

Alphee Lavoie. Alphee is a full-time counseling astrologer for over 53 years, Certified Level IV. Rick Levine. Rick Levine is co-founder of StarIQ. Rick wrote a daily horoscope column for nearly 17 years, delivered via the Internet to millions of readers per day through Tarot. His Internet videos reach tens of thousands of people every month. Raymond Liu. Ray Liu is an astrologer, researcher and educator in Chinese traditional astrology and Chinese classic culture, as well as the history of Chinese ancient astronomy and Chinese ancient chronology and calendar.

Based in Beijing. Founder of Beijing Culture Centre of Astrology.

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For years, developed the idea and technique of Chinese 28 Xiu Lunar mansion in Chinese astrology. Michael Lutin. Phi Beta Kappa Trinity College. French Studies at Harvard University. Yale PhD program. Romance languages not complete. Self-taught Astrology. Author of five books on astrology and behavior.

Co-writer of five astrological musicals. Sold on amazon. Further info Michaellutin. John Marchesella.

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Visit his website at www. Eileen McCabe. Eileen McCabe is a professional astrologer and a clinical social worker with a private practice in New York City.


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She is a teacher and counselor and combines the art of astrology with psychology and metaphysics. Bill Meridian. Bill Meridian has been in the investment and astrology fields since He specializes in mundane and financial astrology. Bill first computerized financial astrology in the s.

He is a member of the Kenos Circle, a Vienna-based futurist society. Website: billmeridian. Alex Miller. Alex has been studying the effects of minor bodies of the solar system since Website: alexasteroidastrology. Susan Miller. Susan is the author of ten books on astrology. Grace Morris. Grace K.